Nord Alps Media is a company dedicated to arts,technology and education

We produce soundtracks,stock photos,courses,books,apps and games

Our goal is to create great products with passion for quality

Our headquarters are located in Italy and our team comes from all places in the world


Marcell Mazzoni is an entrepreneur,music producer,photographer and designer

He is the CEO of Mazzoni Enterprises, a company whose activities range from music and arts to technology and education

Marcell believes on the entrepreneurship and his companies are his main sources of passion and motivation

Find out about Marcell and his career by exploring his website at


Kubbix is the stage name of Marcell Mazzoni

Kubbix has the focus on the production of electronic music and visual arts

Passion for the quality is the main goal for Kubbix and his productions have always a blend of unique qualities

Find out about Kubbix and his career by exploring his website at